Big Bend National Park


Big Bend National Park

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Epic sights, immersive experiences, vibrant blooms, massive blue skies.

The Luna krewe set out on the road for an immersive escape into nature...a true biophilic experience. We found ourselves driving for hours into West Texas, tumbleweeds and purple cacti lining our path, as we drove our 1973 VW towards the Rio Grande.

The journey from New Orleans to Big Bend proved to be more inspirational than we could've hoped. We always enjoy the natural beauty, style and charm of Austin, and were thrilled to discover the the eccentricity and truly incredible art in Marfa. Having seen and met so many interesting people along our journey so far, we were brimming with creative ideas we couldn’t wait to explore by the time we were headed to Big Bend.

No matter how many incredible cities or small towns we experience, our hearts always reside in the purest nature we can experience, and so many times that is found deep in America's gems, our National Parks. The palette of natural beauty and serene silence helped us to soothe our spinning minds and focus on the ‘now’. Nothing to make, no plants to plant, just natural beauty to enjoy and admire. 

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One of the most fascinating aspects of experiencing Big Bend is the incredible beauty on large and small scales. The intensity of the cactus blooms out in this desert is breath-taking. The brightest hues of red imaginable sharply contrast against a saturated, vibrant yellow to create what looks like a natural star placed perfectly on top of massive cacti. 

Driving through the Chihuahuan Desert, you could easily just see shades of brown or gray, but if you sharpen your eyes just a bit, you start to see the vibrant colors dancing throughout the horizon on countless spiky, gnarly colorful cacti. The giant, intensely blue sky serves as a giant backdrop to all this beauty.

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Big Bend is epic in every way, from the intensity of the landscape & blooms, to the sheer size of the park itself.  It contains an entire mountain region, the Chisos Mountains, a large portion of the Chihuahuan Desert, and the Rio Grande runs throughout the park, serving as a lush greenway throughout an arid climate. 

We started one of our days very early in Big Bend, headed towards the Santa Elena Canyon, which was an experience that was both humbling and thrilling. Hiking along the Rio Grande, and experiencing the scale of being within the canyon feels incredible.

The mountain shapes look particularly like dinosaur territory from another time, and for good reason…

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"Big Bend also has evidence of a southern cousin of Tyrannosaurus rex that is as large as the biggest T. rex ever found."

- National Park Service

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After the thrill of the canyon explorations, we decided to head up into the mountains. The Chisos are a stark contrast to the bright blue sky on a sunny Texas day. This was the first mountain range that Pearl had taken on, and it happened upon us very quickly...and steeply. When we made it to the top, we took in the view of the canyon we had hiked hours before, hiked around, checked out the plants, then set off to bathe in warm healing natural springs.

 For hundreds of years, the Boquillo Springs have been believed to soothe both body and mind. We relaxed, soaked in the elements, and cooled off in the Rio Grande. We spotted horses peaking through the grass. 


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Experienced, admired, studied, photographed and loved by Luna Botanicals. This is our visual biophilic memory of bewitching blooms, spiny cacti, vibrant hues and incredible biodiversity in Big Bend National Park. 


Opuntia macrocentra - Purple Prickly Pear // Opuntia engelmannii - Texas Prickly Pear //  Fouquieria splendens - Ocotillo  //  Euphorbia antisyphilitica - Candelilla  //  Echinocereus stramineus - Strawberry Cactus

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