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The mystery, excitement and peace felt within nature is irreplaceable.

Remember the last time you walked through a forest? Filtered light streams through the canopy, ever-changing as the wind blows, creating a song and dance of shadows and light. You hear the sound of water flowing nearby, and feel a sense of refreshment. The intoxicating smell of blooming flowers fills the air, attracting bees and butterflies to pollinate our earth. The ground below your feet is just as alive as the Earth above. Ants form a strategic line in an organized pattern, hundreds marching to the same place with shared intention, an element of history that repeats itself, day after day.

You calmly observe all the life around you, both macro and micro. The natural world presents a feast to awaken your senses. As you let your natural curiosity take over, observing the intricacies of life on Earth, a deeper sense of connection, wonder, serenity and joy wash over you.

This is Biophilia.


“Biophilia is defined as human’s innate love of life and the natural world; it is the wish to further growth, whether in a person, a plant, an idea, or a social group.”

- Eric E. Fromm

Our need for connection with nature is deeply rooted within our DNA, and intrinsically shared by all humankind. The theory of Biophilia, bio meaning life and philia meaning love, is supported by a growing body of scientific research, which states that interacting with elements of the natural world awakens something within humans that is essential to our mental health, performance, and well being.


History of Biophilia

The term Biophilia was first coined in the 1930s by social psychologist Eric E. Fromm. He recognized that plants, air, water, and animals all play an essential role in not only our survival, but also in our emotional well being. E.O. Wilson further expanded on this theory in his book Biophilia, “We should be compelled to love nature to the degree that when we come to understand other organisms, we will place a greater value on them and ourselves.”

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For nearly 99% of human history, we’ve adapted and evolved in response to the natural environment around us, not to artificial or man-made environments. Today, humans spend more time indoors than ever before, often in spaces that cut them off from the natural world completely. In the US, we typically spend 90% of our time indoors. This may seem normal to us, but relative to human history, we’ve only lived this way for a very short period of time. As technology and indoor living become a greater part of our world, it is essential we create environments that are healthy for both humans and nature.

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Biophilic Design

The intent of biophilic design is to connect people to nature in a meaningful way, within the modern built environment. Nature has the power to inspire a sense of serenity, connection and growth; humans have the ability to design environments that reflect and support our innate love for nature.

By utilizing organic elements such as natural light, plant life, botanical artwork, water, geometric patterns and the patina of time, we can create spaces that empower our daily connection to nature. Rather than a checklist of elements to incorporate, the principles of biophilic design guide us to create unique environments that thrive throughout time, existing as a functioning ecosystem within the space.

Our expertise lies in Landscape Architecture, biophilia, horticulture, graphic design and marketing. The knowledge of these perspectives empowers our nature-based designs for success.

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The benefits of incorporating biophilic design apply to a wide range of disciplines, with fascinating effects. Effective biophilic experiences can improve cognitive function, reduce stress and enhance creativity. These and other outcomes can increase health and wellbeing, as well as productivity across a number of disciplines. We believe businesses, schools, hospitals, homes and cities should be built for the well being of humans and nature alike.

Designing with the natural world as the focus is not only the ecologically responsible thing to do, it makes sense economically as well, especially when designs are strategically implemented for maximum impact and social interaction. The long term benefits of investing in a biophilic environment can be exponentially powerful as a tool for ‘green’ branding. A biophilic brand direction communicates to employees and customers that you consider and care about the Earth, as well as the environment surrounding them.


To experience some of our most popular Luna Botanicals environments yourself, visit any of the spaces below. Click to learn more about the unique biophilic elements incorporated into each design.

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Biophilic Art

All of the forests of the world are a reflection of the forest within.

We define ourselves at Luna Botanicals as biophilic designers. We are dedicated to traveling the world to seek Mother Nature’s most inspiring beauty. We interpret our most profound experiences in nature into our public Landscape Architecture installations intending to evoke emotion. Emotion is at the core of what will inspire a greener lifestyle and mindful stewardship of the Earth.

There is no replacement for true immersion in nature, which is why we seek experiences of Biophilia that shift our perspective and further develop our wonder for the natural world. The biodiversity on Earth is truly astounding: mosses, cacti, succulents, tillandsias, crystals, vast landscapes and minute insect processes captivate us. Utilizing only natural elements, we feel we have the ultimate palette for creativity and appreciation.

Humans are one with nature, and nourishing that connection inspires a deeper appreciation of all life, including our own. We design, create and grow with the intent of presenting the beauty of nature on Earth with the rhythms and mystery of the cosmos above. As our biophilic art is utilized in different environments, we hope to deepen people’s emotional connection with nature.


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