Tillandsias, succulents, tropicals, wearable botanicals and statement potted plant curations combine to create a lush oasis of celebration. We take into account the architecture, personal style and natural elements of your event, and use our vast plant palette to make your special day uniquely & organically yours. 

Living Crowns •  Wearable Botanicals •  Centerpieces •  Living Chandeliers •  Botanical Art • Bouquets • Boutonnieres • Moss Walls • Plant Rental


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Our elopement in the Redwood Forest has served as a fountain of botanical and creative inspiration.

We had minimal decor for our wedding day, only the bouquet and boutonniere, which we made from plants we foraged, bought at a local farmers market, and were gifted by a local flower farmer after touring her farm. The flower arrangements we made especially for the day felt all that more joyous and special surrounded by such astounding natural beauty. 

Our wedding experience has inspired us to use natural elements in unexpected ways, with the most literal translation of this day coming to fruition through our Luna Crowns. These living works of art can be worn on a day or celebration or enjoyed as a piece of living art work in your home for years to come.

Your special day is only the beginning of growth.