Luna design services yield impactful, lasting results. At the core, we are a Landscape Architecture and Biophilic design firm. Our design process empowers us to create lush environments that are researched, bio diverse and designed to thrive.



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You’ve already taken the first step to work with us, thank you! The form you’ve just submitted helps us to be as prepared as possible when managing your project. If you have any more questions before scheduling a consultation, feel free to email us at

Schedule Consultation

Schedule a consultation with Jeanne & Stephen Luna. This will consist of a site walk through and assessment of your goals and budget. This discovery meeting will inform the concept and estimate. After payment of the consultation fee, we will confirm your appointment via email, requesting site plans, photos and inspiration to further prep for the consult.




You’ll walk through your space with the Lunas, guided by questions to better understand how to maximize your goals and achieve a truly unique and thriving vision. Photos will be taken to assist in the design process.

Schematic Design + Estimate

A loose concept and estimate will be emailed. Should you decide to move forward, we will enter the next phase of the design process.



Contract + Deposit

You will receive our standard contract and invoice along with a payment schedule. Your deposit activates this phase, and we dive deeper into the design process, creating a clear path to a greener future for your space.


At this point you will receive the full plant plan, along with the specific plant choices for your project. From there, we refine choices, scale the budget and finalize deliverables. *The duration of this step can vary based on the amount of change from the original design.

When refinements are complete, we schedule installation and begin preparing.




This is when the magic happens. Our team arrives at your space, ready to mix the science of horticulture, art of design and your botanical intention to create something stellar.

We manage the implementation of your project as efficiently and mindfully as possible. The installation process is an organized yet organic one. In short, each plant is different, and we will utilize our expertise to place what feels best, where it will thrive. Our goal is instant impact that grows beautifully over time.

Final Walk Through

This is where we walk the site with you, discuss the project and enjoy the fruits of our labor (sometimes literally!). We can answer questions about plant care, future growth and seasonal strategies. We leave you feeling empowered in your garden.

Following receipt of final payment, your plant care guide will be sent.


We have a variety of retainer options for weekly and monthly maintenance services. We also advise seasonally for garden upgrades and issues for our standard consultation rate.

We truly believe in the healing power of nature, and it is our passion to inspire nature connected living through compelling expressions of art and horticulture. As our vision of Biophilia evolves, we channel our inspiration into continual growth for our clients.