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Luna Botanicals Gallery

at Auction House Market

The Luna Botanicals Gallery hosts a collection of compelling living art, where nature is both the inspiration and the medium. Nestled in the heart of the New Orleans Arts District, this unique botanical concept serves as oasis in the city.

Botanical art, mounted tropicals, wearable plants, living sculptures and expertly styled interior plants thrive in this bustling food hall, where Luna design and horticultural experts grow an ever-evolving interior jungle. 


Luna Botanicals at Auction House Market

801 Magazine Street, New Orleans LA 70119


Friday - Sunday | 11am - 4pm

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Inspiring Plant Design

We believe that being surrounded by natural elements makes for a calmer and more inspired environment. We grow well over 100 specimen plants throughout the market, this unique shopping and dining experience serves as an oasis in the city.

We welcome you to get lost in the magic of plants and living art, all while enjoying a meal or botanical cocktail in the market from any of the 10 chef inspired vendors.

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Original Botanical Art

Moss walls, living sculptures, terrariums and specimen plants are displayed and sold at the market. This gallery is our canvas for growing living art, and an exciting place to experience, shop and take home a piece of the natural world into your own space. Luna Botanicals artists and horticultural experts can guide your plant curation experience.

Shop the market in person, or shop our online gallery.


Plant Parties + Events

Team building events, plant mediations and private planting parties are hosted by the Luna Botanicals team in the lush event space, where a waterfall moss wall serves as a lush focal point of inspiration.

Our goal is to create genuine, memorable connections with nature. We focus on the meditative and healing properties of gardening.