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Canal Place

We take a creative approach to the overall styling of Canal Place. Their access to natural light and upscale brands sets the tone for a magical indoor garden to grow. Located on the edge of the French Quarter, this luxury shopping space now mimics an indoor botanical garden - an appropriate theme for such an iconic space located between the Audubon Aquarium and Insectarium.

Take a stroll through what is a biophilic shopping experience by design, and don’t forget to get a photo at one of the most iconic social media spots in Nola, “Portal to Biophilia”.


Portal to Biophilia

Lush green stands sixteen feet tall in the midst of Saks Fifth Avenue, Tiffany & Co and Louis Vuitton. Locals, tourists, celebrities and athletes have all sought out photos in front of this iconic wall. By design, this is meant to compel interaction and sharing from the public.

We are proud to have this public art installation in the heart of New Orleans. From the plants to the graphic design to the production, installation and continued evolution, Luna Botanicals takes a hands-on approach to
engineer the success of these organic landmarks.


Cacti on Canal

Cacti, agave, yucca, succulents and a mixture of rocks, sand and texture bring the desert to the iconic Canal Street Car Line. A blank, hot canvas was painted with a mixture of desert plants that allow this garden to thrive with minimal upkeep. Serving as an example of a sustainable gardening choice in its propensity for little water, this xeriscape style of design has become something many visit Canal Place to enjoy.

The fountain on Canal Street serves as a place for meeting and relaxation, as well as a point of interest for both tourists and locals. We created a scape that complements the sleekness fo this reflective pool and plays into a ‘mirage’ effect. Biophilic design principles often highlight the healing properties of water, with reflections being one of our favorite elements of such. This is an area intended to encourage pedestrians to experience a moment of calm in the heart of the city, and to seek the even lusher, more tropical oasis that we’ve created inside Canal Place.


Botanical Garden Shopping


We’ve added hundreds of plants to create the feeling of an overgrown jungle. We care for each of these plants and empower this space to evolve.