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Immerse yourself in a relaxing and educational team building event for your group at a New Orleans venue of your choice, or at one of our partner locations. Through this nature-based bonding experience, you'll plant the seed for continued growth in the relationships between your colleagues, company or friends.

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We encourage guests to relax and focus on the meditative aspects of planting. We discuss the benefits and nutrients of each planting medium and relate it to the environment we create for ourselves, whether at home, in the workpalce or out in the world day to day. 

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Luna Botanicals brings green experiences to groups looking to connect with nature & each other. We bring the plants, supplies, accessories, tools and knowledge, while our guests are encouraged to bring their creativity and open mind for learning and connecting. 

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Nurture your new creation for years to come in your office or home. You and your group will leave with the knowledge of how to care for your new living creations, encouraging the most rewarding part of connecting with nature: growth. 


We bring the plants, tools and knowledge, you bring your creativity! We reach far beyond common DIY planting projects and empower our class particpants to create, grow and enjoy living art for years to come. 

Staying true to our inspiration for Luna Botanicals artwork, each of our classes incorporates a special Louisiana or mystical aspect. Read our class descriptions below for details. 


Mounted Tropicals

Mount your very own orchid or staghorn fern to a reclaimed wooden board, foraged from the bank of the Mississippi River. 

We will offer tips on plant and natural wood piece selections, and teach your teram how to properly mount these works of living art. 

You'll leave with your mounted staghorn fern creation in hand, and the knowldge of how to nuruture it in your own space for years to come. 

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A relaxing and meditative experience learning the Japanese art of Kokedama, an ancient variant of bonsai. A simple translation of kokedama is "moss ball."

We teach you the proper techniques for plant selection, kokedama construction and how tot style these living works of art in indoor or outdoor spaces. 

You'll get your hands dirty with our custom-mixed Louisiana twist on bonsai soil, leave with your newly constructed botanical art and the knowledge of how to style and nurture this orb-like creation.

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Crystal Terrariums

Explore our spread of succulents, crystals, moss rocks, sand and dirt to create a microcosm of your own! 

We will discuss the importance of each layer of rock, sand and dirt in creating a healthy environment for your succulents to thrive. 

You'll leave with a newly planted succulent terrarium and the knowledge of how to properly nurture it in the serenity of own space. 

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