Tillandsia Crown


Tillandsia Crown


Tillandsia Crowns

Let the beauty of nature surround and adorn you. Wear living plants proudly as you celebrate the magic of life. Handcrafted from cypress branches, tillandsias, moss, succulents and crystals, these custom botanical creations ensure that the day you wear this is only the start of a lifetime of growth. 

Ideal for weddings, special occasions, or just making yourself feel like a botanical beauty…the Luna Tillandsia Crowns are bold, compelling and thriving. 

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Luna Crowns were inspired organically by the bold celebrations & spirit of New Orleans, our own wedding in the heart of the Redwood Forest, and our travels around the world
Vows Under a Cathedral of Trees

Standing in the Tall Trees Grove, tucked away in a mountain valley deep the Redwood Forest, we exchanged vows and became the Lunas. The beauty and serenity of that day has inspired so much of our creativity and life together. No matter where we are, we never forget to look up at the trees, whether they be Redwoods, Rainbow Eucalyptus, Oaks or Cypress…this informed our creative direction on a wood based crown; it feels powerful, protective and organic. 

Below is an excerpt from our vows written by our wonderful officiant and fellow nature enthusiast, Paul Marsch of Weddings in the Wild. A few years into our marriage, they still hold true. 

A cathedral is a place to reflect on the spiritual power of creation. It is no mistake that a grove of redwoods is called a cathedral, for it is powerful to be gathered amongst some of the oldest living beings on Earth. 

Time passes and age changes us. We shed our needles and grow new ones, our branches break and fall off. By embracing the changes in our lives, we each grow taller and stronger. Supporting one another on the journey is one of the true joys of sharing your lives together. “





New Orleans Soul

The costume culture of New Orleans is truly something to behold. The creativity, beauty and expression seen throughout the year on a daily basis is incredibly inspiring. It was Mardi Gras Day 2016, and the St. Anne Parade, a particularly stunning celebration, and we hadn’t planned a wild outfit, so I threw an air plant on my head…and had one of the most joyful days in New Orleans. So many people, in every costume you could imagine, responded to the plants on my head with pure joy…which is truly what Mardi Gras is all about. This reaction and positive energy exchange has rang true throughout the years whenever we wear any of our wearable creations. We’ve gone on to teach Mardi Gras headpiece workshops, showing the community our concept of using a living medium for creative expression. We apply this unique concept to a variety of styles, from the wildness of Mardi Gras to the romance of a wedding day. 

Biophilic Travel

Utilizing tillandsias is one of the signatures of Luna designs. One of our most memorable natural encounters with these fascinating epiphytes was in Puerto Rico while exploring the El Yunque rainforest (America’s only National Park Rainforest). Looking through the canopy of the forest, tillandsias and bromeliads stood out like jewels in the sky. We found GIANT tillandsias on the ground and it felt so natural to place it on my head, an obsession continued….