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Luna Forest Bathing

Wear Living Art - Meditate - Sip & Shop

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Discover the Forest Within

I M M E R S E yourself in the lushness and serenity of an urban forest. Bridge the gap between you and nature through forest bathing meditation; we will guide you on how to connect with nature through mindfulness. Bringing even a small amount of organic elements into your daily life can create a sense of organic harmony, as plants improve air quality, reduce stress and breathe life into any space.

You’ll be surrounded by stately trees, original botanical art and specimen interior plants, all while facing a reflective moss wall. This lush setting is meant to serve as an environment of relaxation and inspiration for your own habitat.

After the meditation, you’re welcome to utilize Luna’s plant knowledge and shop the interior plants surrounding you, all while sipping a speciality botanical cocktail. 

$15 / person

What to Expect:

Focus your energy

Wear a living Luna crown amongst a forest of interior plants

Set your Intention: Biophilia

Connect with nature, guided by Luna Botanicals 

20 minute meditation

Connect to yourself, guided by Brittany 

Botanical cocktail: Bella Luna

Gin, Spritz, Kettle One Botanicals or Big Easy Bucha, created by the Mayhaw

Shop specimen plants & botanical art:

Monstera deliciosa

Alocasia Polly


IG Stories-34.jpg